Criminal and Regulatory

Criminal defence is one of the core practice areas of our firm. Our lawyers have appeared before trial courts throughout the country and been involved in a number of leading criminal cases. We are strategically-minded, astute and supportive.

Our firm represents clients charged with a wide range of criminal offences including murder, manslaughter, sexual offences, drug offences and driving offences.

We also represent clients charged with a variety of regulatory offences under the Securities Act, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and various other statutes.

We advocate strongly for our clients at every stage of the criminal process, routinely negotiating favourable plea agreements for our clients and achieving outstanding results when the matter goes to trial.

Unlike most criminal firms, we also have expertise in civil and administrative law, which allows us to see the full implications of a particular decision. For example, clients charged with a criminal offence may face disciplinary proceedings within their professional association.

Our combined expertise and experience allows us to see the big picture and help our clients navigate these complex legal challenges.

All of our lawyers are active members of the criminal law community with involvement in the Canadian Bar Association (Criminal Law Subsection), the Criminal Defence Advocacy Society, the UBC Innocence Project and the National Criminal Law Program, where Andi MacKay has had the distinction of serving as a faculty member since 2017.

We understand the stress and anxiety experienced by our clients when facing a criminal charge and see our role as providing unwavering support throughout the court process.