About Us

MacKay Boyar is a Vancouver-based litigation boutique with expertise in civil, criminal and administrative law.

We are experienced litigators, recognized by our peers and the courts for our dedication, commitment and skill. Our clients include leading businesses across the province as well as individuals seeking experienced legal counsel.

Benchmark Litigation includes our firm on its “recommended” list, noting that MacKay Boyar has “quickly etched itself a unique profile in the crowded legal market” and has its “much larger market peers talking and impressed.”

Unlike many other firms, we have challenged ourselves to work on a diverse array of cases. Choosing not to specialize was a strategic decision.

With expertise spanning civil, criminal and administrative law, we are uniquely able to assist clients facing challenges on multiple fronts. For example, clients charged with a criminal offence may face discipline proceedings within their professional association or civil proceedings arising from the same offence.

Our combined expertise and experience allow us to see the big picture and help our clients navigate these complex legal challenges.

When we first meet our clients, we know that they are often dealing with a difficult period in their lives. We see our role as providing unwavering support throughout the court process and strive to ensure we are worthy of the trust placed in us.